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Vulture Fest
Makanda - IL
October 15 -16, 2005

Phone: 618-549-5523 - E-mail: info@vulturefest.com

Live entertainment, arts & crafts, dining, vulture watching and other activities to celebrate the Fall migration of the vultures to Makanda, Illinois. The Artist's community in the small village of Makanda is blessed every fall with hundreds of black and turkey vultures. Home to Giant City State Park, Makanda has an abundance of large trees and cliffs, appealing to the vulture families. The Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) is extremely beneficial to our ecosystem. Being scavengers, who don't kill their prey, vultures play a vital roll in the food web. Vultures eat carrion (dead flesh), like road kill and dead animals. Because they have such a unique digestive system, they can eat diseased and infected carcasses and there is no trace of bacteria in their droppings. Up close the turkey vulture is certainly one of the most unattractive creatures, but in flight they have the grace and beauty of eagles. Turkey Vultures have lived in the trees and cliffs of Makanda since the last ice age. They rear their young in the cliffs during Summer and return to the trees in the fall. The artists of Makanda in the Valley of the Arts wanted to have a fall festival much like the one they have in the Spring and with the number of vultures flocking to the valley, the theme for Vulture Fest was hatched.


Quad Cities Bald Eagle Days
QCCA Expo Center, 2621 4th Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois
Saturday and Sunday, January 7-8

Phone: Mississippi River Visitor Center 309/794-5338 or Dave Burrows 563/441-5695 - E-mail: info@qccaexpocenter.com

10:00a.m.-7:00p.m. Saturday, 10:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Sunday - Live Eagle & Bird of Prey Programs by The World Bird Sanctuary -- Wildlife Art Show & Sale and Environmental Fair -- Special Attractions: The World Bat Organization, Ralph Duren Master Bird & Game Caller, Gen Ebert Mammals of Wisconsin and the Walker Stonefish Family, Native American Stories, Music and Dancing!


Birding Fest of Southernmost Illinois
Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge
Ullin/Whitehill - IL
April 28 - 30, 2006

Phone: 618-634-2231 - E-mail: woodthrusheola8@netscape.net or Tom_Charles@fws.gov

For the fifth year, Southern Illinois is inviting all bird lovers to attend Birding Fest 2005! The event has something for everyone by providing a venue of programs, guided hikes and tours for people of all ages, rain or shine. All programs will take place at the Cache River Wetlands Center and include guided canoe tours, birding hikes, an owl prowl, live bird demonstrations, wildlife photo exhibits, and much more. Look and listen for Black-bellied Plovers, Snowy Egrets, Mississippi Kites, Cerulean Warblers, Indigo Buntings and more. Birding Blitz teams in past years have seen over 150 species in 24-hours and have raised money to support habitat restoration in the Cache Watershed. Check out the Birding Blitz link for a list of species seen over the past four years.



Please submit information on a bird or nature festival to info@illinoisbirding.com

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